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February 11, 2017, 09:14 AM

The Heathery by Henry Andrews

By Thornton Kay

The Heathery front cover greenhouse c1826? [scan google
Illustration by Henry Andrews from The Heathery

London West, UK - A second edition of The Heathery or, A Monograph (in six volumes) of the Genus Erica with Latin and English Descriptions, Dissections, Etc. of All the Known Species of that Extensive and Distinguished Tribe of Plants by Henry C Andrews sold at Dominic Winter book auctions for 260 (plus buyers premiums of 19.5 - 25.1%) on 25 January. A first edition of 4 of the 6 volumes sold for 600 (inc premium) in 2008 at Bonhams.

Not much is known about Henry Charles Andrews who was an English botanist and botanical artist who lived in Knightsbridge, worked from 1795 to 1830, married the daughter of a Hammersmith plantsman and whose most important work was on the many species of the Erica genus introduced to Great Britain from South Africa leading to ericamania at the time.

The six volume work was dated between 1826-28 and illustrated on the cover with a glasshouse (shown above) with sliding upper and lower sashes with a raised brick planter and two stoves.

In 1822, John Claudius Loudon wrote that four types of greenhouse existed: one for varieties of Chinese plants, 'the conservatory in which plants are inserted in the soil without pots', the cold frame for bulbs, and the heathery for Cape plants. Greenhouses are freely exposed to the influence of our atmosphere when the open air is not colder than 48˚F [9˚C] and when winds and rain do not prevent the opening of the roofs or other means of ventilation. Loudon, who wrote extensively on greenhouses in the Encyclopedia of Gardening, was one of the thinkers of early 18th century - he travelled around Europe, had his arm amputated, and married Jane Webb a feminist science fiction writer of The Mummy, about the year 2125 when lawyers and surgeons are automata.

The Heathery is available free on Google books.

Google: The Heathery by Henry C. Andrews c1806

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