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April 12, 2012, 04:55 PM

The Apprentice discovers upcycling - and 7m can't resist it

By Oliver Hazael

London East, UK - Last night's showing of The Apprentice proved two things: firstly that there's more to upcycling than sponge printing union jacks with nursery school paint onto old wooden chairs, and secondly that the record 7m viewers Wednesday night's programme attracted shows that people love upcycling.

Two teams were tasked with filling a shop each on Brick Lane with second hand items and selling them at a profit in a manic one day sale. At the end of the day the candidates realised that it was better to buy less stock of quality items than lots of tat. There's a fine line between retro and rubbish. The luxury of a bit of space around the objects on display seemed to add value.

The team that were more discerning about what they chose won the task and went off to drink champagne somewhere. The long and short of it is that upcycling needs more thought and attention than your average cock-sure city nippers are capable of.

Guy Trench's Antiques by Design at The Old Cinema in Chiswick had a cameo role in this episode (see the link). Antiques by Design subscribes to the Salvo Code and is a regular at the Salvo Fair.

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Viewing stats: The upcycling episode had 7m viewers, a 28.6% share of the audience between 9pm and 10pm on Wednesday. It was up on the 6.5 million viewers who watched the previous week's episode - when it was up against Chelsea's Uefa Champions League quarter final on ITV1, and 6.3 million for the week before that. On 21 March the eighth series of The Apprentice launched with 6.4 million viewers - its lowest-rating opening night since 2008.

Antiques By Design Ltd

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