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April 20, 2017, 09:52 AM

Terreform ONE stretches the limits of green living

By Michael Morel

Habitable cricket farm Terreform ONE

New York, USA - The field of sustainability has a reputation for cutting edge innovation. But no matter what ideas the term brings to your mind, chances are the New York based architectural laboratory Terreform ONE will broaden your horizons.

Typical examples of sustainable architecture include solar panels, living roofs, or salvaged materials. But what about biodegradable mushroom chairs grown in a single week? Or a shelter that doubles as an insect farm for human consumption? These bizarre ideas are just another day at the office for Terreform ONE.

Their liberated, radical structures are born from a willingness to make unconventional connections between design, engineering and botany. A holistic take on sustainability incorporates food, water, waste treatment, energy, and transportation into their architectural designs.

The aforementioned habitable cricket farm shows Terreform ONE's ability to break convention not only once but twice within a single structure. If raising crickets in the walls of an easily constructed shelter was not groundbreaking enough, the concept simultaneously promotes the environmental benefits of insect protein while challenging a western dietary taboo.

Another hallmark of Terreform ONE's award winning designs is beauty. The striking, otherworldly style of their structures has earned them a place in New York's Museum of Modern Art and Venice's Architecture Biennale. Their eye catching and varied styles make their website exciting.

I stumbled upon Terreform ONE while researching developments in the burgeoning tiny home movement, a notably innovative industry in its own right. But of course, Terreform ONE's contribution was in a class of its own. Their idea takes the concept of a living roof into overdrive by fashioning a fully alive micro-dwelling. By growing ficus trees over an 8 foot spherical scaffolding that is later removed, Willow Balls are hollow living tree globes suitable for use as seasonal mini-lodges. It is hard to imagine a more literal embodiment of green living.

Green Living is the theme for Salvo Fair 2017 in June.

Habitable cricket farm
Willow Ball mini-lodges

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