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February 16, 2017, 12:07 PM

Taiwan exhibits the beauty of reuse fashion

By Sara Morel

Dress [Photo Choumin Tsai

Dress Yiting Chen [Photo Choumin Tsai
Dress Shao Yen [Photo Choumin Tsai
Dress Wisdom [Photo Choumin Tsai

London West, UK - From Friday until the 21st February 2017, The British Council, British Fashion Council and Mercedes-Benz will present work by emerging fashion designers from twenty six countries for this year's International Fashion Showcase. The series of exhibitions in the West Wing of London's Somerset House will explore the theme of Local/Global for London Fashion Week.

Made in Taiwan is a mark still loaded with connotations from the days Taiwan was famously known for manufacturing Barbie, but Taiwan's exhibition brings audiences up to speed with a brief story of the country's industrial landscape from plastics to textiles and metals to the technology focused research of today and development towards reuse.

Curated by Roxanne Chen and exhibition designer, Rain Wu, three young creatives started with the same blank canvas - a plain dress to interpret fashion for a sustainable future.

Exploring the heavy metal industry - Textile artist Yiting Chen worked with discarded sewing machines and rusty metal scraps to wrap the fabric and create patterns: see image two.

Designer Shao Yen worked with plastic and by-products of industrial manufacturing to create their piece: see image three.

Streetwear brand Wisdom used natural materials developed from natural waste to create their dress: see image four.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

British Council: International Fashion Showcase 2017
Somerset House

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