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March 24, 2015, 01:09 PM

Spring revamp for the garden with antiques and ornaments

By Shirley Kay

Antique kissing gate [Photo Lichen

Late 19thC limestone putto [Photo Lichen
Cricket pavilion bench [Photo Lichen
Antique limestone staddlestone [Photo Lichen

Gloucestershire, UK - Spring and warmer weather is on the way, time to get the garden ready for enjoying days spent outdoors, and time for a revamp and the addition of a few well chosen ornaments.

Salvo code dealer, Lichen Garden Antiques, has produced a useful guide to help you buy, and find the best places to display, garden antiques and ornaments. Lichen deals in original garden antiques and decorative garden ornaments including urns, planters, staddlestones, stone troughs, antique benches and beautiful garden statues. It also has a range of architectural antiques including gates, fountains and reclaimed York flagstones.

The guide recommends antique garden ornaments as a good investment, whose beauty can be appreciated daily by its owner and guests. Enjoyment can be enhanced with provenance when the past life of a piece comes with a story and may even be sourced from a building or garden of special interest.

Antique garden ornaments come in all shapes, sizes and materials to suit spaces and pockets. The ornament chosen can provide a practical purpose as well as a decorative one. Useful items such as birdbaths, fountains, gates, benches, stone planters for flowers. Other items which once had a practical use such as staddlestones, used to raise wooden granaries above the ground to protect the grain from mice and rats, now make excellent garden decoration. Antique garden ornament can make a focal point even in a small town garden.

The guide advises you to look for inspiration on design websites, magazines, and to visit gardens and special events such as the Chelsea Flower Show. Lichen Garden Antiques has helped inspire many with its contributions to five gold medal winning show gardens displayed at Chelsea.

Lichen explains that although the best place to create a feature in the garden is to put a garden ornament at the end of a vista or in an arbour, garden antiques can also be used to make a design feature inside the home. A well placed statue or urn can help bring the outside in and make owners feel good when the weather is inclement. They can also be used to create different areas or rooms in a garden, especially with a decorative fence or gate. The guide suggests a kissing gate could even make a romantic gift.

The House Directory blog has more about the guide, and the Lichen Garden showroom is open for more garden inspiration. A link to the Lichen Garden Antiques website can also be found with their button on the SalvoWEB homepage. Lichen supplies landscape and interior designers, as well as many private home owners, are happy to export worldwide and have two showrooms in the UK.

In June there is always a good selection of antique garden ornament at the Salvo Fair. This year the fair is at a fabulous new venue, the McAlpine private estate at Fawley Hill, near Henley on Thames, RG9 6JA. Friday 26th June is Trade Day (register now for a free ticket) with Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June open to the public. This year there is a special garden interest with the theme 'Tiny Salvaged Spaces' including summerhouses, shepherds huts, garden living spaces and green builders on hand to give advice and tips on how to create your own garden cabin.

For other antique garden suppliers visit SalvoWEB online and the Salvo directory.

Lichen Garden Antiques

House Directory blog: A guide to garden antiques & ornaments
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