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April 11, 2017, 10:08 AM

Soul kitchens

By Shirley Kay

Set of antique Victorian pitch pine cupboard doors Edward Haes

Stone sink B.C.A. Materiaux Anciens
French leather club sofa Wharton Antiques
Butchers block Warehouse 701

London South East, UK - Kitchen's have always been the true heart of a home where everyone loves to gather and chat while they cook and eat. Modern kitchens designs maybe efficient and functional but have lost their connection with nature. A modern kitchen lacks real soul. A recent article in 'How to spend it' highlighted the changing demand for kitchen designs to blend individual, vintage pieces with modern designs to get back this soulful magic.

They suggest adding in mismatched items antique and found items and make the space unique to you. Consider vintage industrial pieces such as shelving, lockers, large sinks, factory lighting, workbenches and cupboards. Treat the senses and bring back texture of natural wood and stone. Enjoy spending time here with comfortable seating such as upholstered benches, chairs, daybeds and sofas. Maybe even add the choice of soft background lighting for those more relaxed or romantic moments. Treasured memories spent with family and friends will be created when we enliven the senses again. Lets bring back soul kitchens.

See the link to the FT, How to spend it article for more advice. Images show antique and vintage items currently for sale on SalvoWEB online marketplace.

FT: How to spend it: Soulful kitchens with state-of-the-art

Story Type:  Feature

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