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May 29, 2013, 07:39 AM

Some favourite green home design blogs

By Shirley Kay

Old metal plumbers handles for an upcoming project by Joanne Palmisano Salvage Secrets blog

Vintage folding ladders blog

Somerset, UK - Many now with thoughts of caring for the planet aim to be more eco friendly with energy and water saving or by recycling. In fact the emphasis has been on recycling, and reuse has often been neglected. But reuse is the far greener choice. Architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials are green eco friendly choices because they reuse existing pieces instead of something new. New products will all have had more impact on the environment from production, transport and distribution. For example, a brick could be recycled by crushing it for hardcore but if that brick is reused instead it would involve negligible embodied energy, especially if locally sourced. So green design using salvaged materials is therefore one of the best ways to help the planet and there are some lovely eco friendly green design blogs to provide inspiration.

Eco friendly green blogs can give good advice on reuse too, such as environmental and health benefits and tips on how to reuse salvaged items. This can be especially useful for those not used to renovation. SalvoNEWS also features ideas and advice on using salvage and has occasional contributions from dealer's blogs.

Examples of blogs which give inspiration are listed below - but there are many more out there to be discovered.

Architectural salvage dealer blogs include:

Architectural Forum, London, keep their blog up to date with regular news stories and ideas. These include salvage tips like the useful beginner's guide to cast iron radiators. Also stories on salvaged items, their past and how they have been reused. Their latest post is about the Victorian prison cell doors from Clerkenwell prison.

Chancellors Church Furnishings, London, use their blog with to give an insight into the life of an architectural dealer and the background of salvaged items. Recent posts include a muse about an old statue of theirs, St Anne with Mary and a tale of selling a painting to Drew Pritchard, star of Salvage Hunters.

LASSCO, London and Oxfordshire, news section gives updates about events and the history of salvaged items and their restoration. A recent post let readers know they won the shopping blogger Muddy Stilettos, award for 'Best Interior Store' 2013. The latest post is about Marc-Kitchen Smith's artefacts now being sold at LASSCO. Marc has a delightful blog too.

MASCo, Gloucestershire, use their blog for news, events and ideas. Their latest blog is a lovely post about interesting and unusual salvage in stock.

Mongers has a news and blog section which includes interesting items and their history.

Retrouvius, London, have a news section ranging from their latest acquisitions, history and design projects. Maria Speake and Adam Hills also inspired eco friendly green design in their book, Reclaiming Style.

Winchcombe Reclamation, Gloucestershire, has a blog which includes posts about putting life back into reclaimed products such as Yorkstone paving. Their latest blog post was a lovely item about Springwatch in the yard.

U.S. based architectural salvage dealer blogs include:

Architectural Antiques, Minneapolis, has a section with inspired uses for antique architectural salvage and elements. Also a green facts section to 'help keep our footprints light'.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage, Seattle, have a 'get inspired' section with photographs of salvage in their new homes, customer design projects and a staff idea center.

Olde Good Things, New York and New Jersey etc, has a blog which keeps up to date with shows, remodelling projects and styling ideas.

Pioneer Millworks, New York, has a 'designing against the grain' section with reuse ideas for their reclaimed wood, from home or commercial remodelling to making furniture.

Schiller's Architectural Design and Salvage, Florida, inspire with their 'project ideas' section and images showing how customers and designers have used architectural salvage.

Eco friendly and green designer blogs include:

Salvage Secrets is U.S. eco design blogger. Joanne Palmisano always has great advice for designing with salvage. This is one of the best reuse blogs both inspiring and regularly updated with new ideas. Joanne's passion for salvage comes across in the blog and her books, Salvage Secrets.

Heath Design is a Brighton based eco design blog from Oliver Heath with the latest news and ideas on sustainable design. It covers a broad range of topics for eco friendly renovations from health and environmental issues to upcycling ideas. The latest post discusses ethical interiors.

Nina's Apartment blog from Aberdeenshire gives ideas on how to repurpose and upcycle. Design ideas and advice come from her own experience of upcycling and reusing vintage items. Travel and visits to fleamarkets also provide inspiration.

Though not always about reuse other design blogs can gives good tips for the latest trends and can be adapted to incorporate reuse. EcoLuxe Studios, Denver, who share their passion for innovative interior design with environmental awareness. A recent post from Ecoluxe is on nostalgic chalkboards. Also the Homegirl London blog which often includes reusing secondhand, vintage and upcycled items. A recent post shows the trend for using vintage ladders as shelves.

EcoLuxe Studios

Nina's Apartment

Schiller's Architectural Design and Salvage

Earthwise Seattle

Winchcombe Reclamation Ltd

Architectural Antiques

Pioneer Millworks

Olde Good Things


LASSCO House & Garden Ltd


Vintage & Architectural

Antique Church Furnishings

Architectural Forum


Salvage Secrets Blog
Heath Design Blog

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