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August 06, 2014, 02:19 PM

Situations Vacant

By Ruby Hazael

UK - WANTED: Office person who can answer phone in a comprehensible way, organise things, take good pictures, do computer stuff, be reasonably fit, a good communicator and be BRIGHT, BRIGHT, BRIGHT.
No qualifications as such needed but you have to be in touch with the modern world and be CLEVER and SENSIBLE. Being hands on and tolerant of dust, cobwebs and extremes of temperature would also be good. We buy and sell church furnishings and are a relaxed and informal business that needs someone sharp to help keep it on track.
Hours part time/full time. No whingers.
Walton on Thames. Ask for Lawrence/Steve/John.
Apply by email to info(at)churchantiques(dot)com explaining why you are great.
Contact : Antique Church Furnishings, Walton on Thames, UK. Tel: 01932 252736

WANTED: Brick Cleaners. Top prices paid
Contact : Beeston Landscapes, Cheshire, UK. Tel: 07903 949480.

Beeston Landscapes

Antique Church Furnishings

Story Type:  News

ID: 84207

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