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May 10, 2017, 08:49 PM

Silo at Salvo meal deal supports native woodland birds

By Shirley Kay

Sourdough for the venison calzone Silo

Silo at Salvo menu
Lesser spotted woodpecker

Oxfordshire, UK - Academics at The University of Nottingham support the view that wild deer in Britain should be hunted for venison to drastically reduce their populations and support the re-emergence of our native woodland birds. This follows the publication of a new study in the Journal of Applied Ecology. Apparently as a result of huge deer populations in England the natural habitat which many ground-nesting woodland birds rely on has been damaged.

Dr Markus Eichhorn in the University's School of Life Sciences, an expert in ecology, said, 'It is clear from our research that if we want to encourage more woodland birds then we need to take action to restore the woodland structures they require but in many areas it will need a drastic reduction in deer to have any real impact.....If wild-caught deer appeared on our menus or in the local butchers it would encourage people to eat venison as readily as beef or lamb and would help conservation in our woodland areas.'

The experts at Nottingham had been commissioned by the Government department Defra in 2008 following a call to study the causes behind the decline of woodland birds such as the nightingale, marsh tit, willow tit and lesser spotted woodpecker in the UK

This year SALVO 2017, the original architectural salvage and antiques fair, will include a Green Living fest featuring zero waste restaurant Silo and on the menu will be venison.

A contemporary sourdough Calzone will be stuffed with braised unctuous lumps of soft venison. The sourdough is made with freshly milled heritage flour, slowly fermented for flavour and good digestion.

And they have not forgotten the herbivores. there will be a choice of Calzone filled with curried plant-based deliciousness. Included in the meal deal will be Pirate chocolate fondant and an Old Tree drink with a choice of elderflower bubbly infused with Sea Buckthorn, vintage cider with Botanical Infusion, Kombucha or seasonal foraged fruit presse.

The Silo Meal Deal will be served in three seatings 12pm - 1pm, 1pm - 2pm and 2pm - 3pm on Saturday or Sunday and will be either a venison or vegetarian.

See the link below to buy exclusive weekend tickets with chef Douglas McMaster's two course lunch in the Silo at Salvo restaurant styled by vintage furniture house Metroretro.

Salvo Fair

West Bridgford Wire: Eat wild venison to support native woodland birds, says Nottingham ecologist
Salvo 2017: Buy your weekend pass here

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