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February 02, 2017, 09:25 AM

Shepherd hut high at Gaze bygones

By Thornton Kay

Shepherds hut 2,600 plus premiums [photo TWGaze

Hand saws and frig bobs 10 the lot [photo TWG
George Cubitt line spool with ratchet and winder [photo TWG
Engineer or jewellers anvil 28 [photo TWG

Norfolk, UK - A 19th Century barrel top shepherds hut on four cast iron wheels, with a corrugated roof and timber chassis, was top lot at Gaze's rural and domestic bygones sale on Saturday where it sold for a mid-estimate 2,600 (plus premiums). A four wheel J. Davis & Bailey elevator base which could be used as a shepherds hut base sold for a mid-estimate 800.

Around 85 percent of this 750 lot sale was sold, testament to Rob Kinsella's expert valuations, which included a Watney's Ale hand barrow which sold for 550, an old tin trunk painted cream with red letters LAMC for 3, a collection of hand saws including what we used to call a frig-bob in our Bath stonemasonry days 10, a George Cubitt (1st Baron Ashcombe?? son of Thomas) horticultural or builders line spool with winder 5, a pair of traditional iron scaffold trestles - now used for pine planked tables - 80, a jewellers or engineers anvil 28, and an Ideal Windows enamel sign 85.

The full results of this and every Gaze sale are available online. The next sale of trade interest is the Gaze architectural salvage and statuary auction on Saturday 25 February.

T W Gaze Llp

Story Type:  Auction Report

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