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August 12, 2016, 05:04 PM

Season 6 for Salvage Dawgs of Black Dog in Roanoke

By Thornton Kay

Salvage Dawgs [photo Facebook]

Virginia, USA - The U.S. television series Salvage Dawgs premiered its sixth 13-episode season on July 31. More new episodes follow every Sunday night at 9 on DIY, and older seasons can be viewed on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and the Great American Country Network. The Dawgs can also be seen on the Travel Channel on UK TV.

Mike Whiteside and Robert Kulp, the owners of Black Dog Architectural Salvage lead their employees through salvage operations this season at churches, industrial buildings, period homes and a former bank.

With around 400,000 viewers per episode Salvage Dawgs outperforms average viewing figures of 275,000 on DIY channel.

Whiteside thought they might get one season out of Salvage Dawgs when they pitched the show. "We've got 85 episodes complete now, which is just phenomenal," he told The Roanoke Star.

Black Dog Salvage

Facebook: Salvage Dawgs

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