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September 10, 2012, 12:21 PM

Sarah Beeny meets Tony O'Donnell and a John Bolding canopy bath

By Thornton Kay

Kent, UK - This gem from Beeny's Restoration Nightmare in 2011 seems to have been missed out of SalvoNEWS. It takes us around Catchpole & Rye's antique and reproduction sanitaryware premises in Pluckley where owner Tony O'Donnell gushes over the tapwork of a fabulous antique and rare copper John Bolding canopy bath being restored by the company, with its hot and cold waves sprays and jets, for Fasque House near Aberdeen, family home of the Gladstones from 1830-1930.

Sarah Beeny and her artist partner Graham Swift chose not to buy reclaimed because their house, Rise Hall, was built in 1845 when fittings were more rudimentary and not plumbed in. Instead they went for a new brass-plated marine aluminium cistern emblazoned with 'Swift & Beeny Sanitary Engineers', made by Catchpole & Rye.

Note: The first 'Needle Bath' was patented in 1874 by William Smeaton of Smeaton & Sons Ltd, and exhibited at the Paris Exhibition of 1878. Smeaton was bankrupt by 1881 and Doulton and others started producing identical 'Spray Baths' in the 1880s, and others produced 'Hooded Baths'. The 'Canopy Bath' - the generic term given to antique shower baths by the trade - does not seem to have been so named until the 1900s, when for example Shanks produced a Canopy Bath in a 1909 catalogue.

Catchpole & Rye

Homes & Gardens: Bathed in Beauty: The John Bolding Canopy Bath
Catchpole & Rye: Sarah Beeny - Rise Hall

Story Type:  Feature

ID: 69458

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