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June 12, 2012, 08:54 PM

Salvo launches dealer websites in time for Salvo Fair

By Thornton Kay

Berkshire, UK - Salvo has launched a new dealer web system, called 'Primo', in time for this year's Salvo Fair. It provides a very competitive alternative to other web offerings and is designed to provide mobile-friendly layouts on iPhones, Android and Windows phones. It complements the older SalvoSITE which is still being used but has been renamed 'Store'.

You can put stock on your own Salvo 'Primo' or 'Store' dealer website at the same time as you put it on the highly visited and ranked SalvoWEB* site. Both Primo and Store have mobile web stock layouts for iPhone, Android and Windows phones, and have built-in RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and email links.

Primo is our premier offering with several web sections including stock pages, a home page with sliding images, about us and FAQ pages, and news pages which sync with SalvoNEWS. You can also have your own stock categories at no extra charge, and your own domain name.
Store is the popular standard Salvo stock website which was started in 1998 and is still in daily use by leading reclamation businesses including a major European salvage and demolition enterprise.

Primo 144 incl. VAT per month
Store 48 incl. VAT per month

Primo has up to 500 stock items as standard.
Store has up to 250 stock items as standard.

Additional 500 stock items for Primo or Store costs 48 incl. VAT per month. Salvo help at your premises costs 110 incl. VAT per hour.
Salvo phone help is free.
*SalvoWEB was seen by 120,000 unique visitors in May 2012.

Also new for the Fair is the Salvo Directory entry, which now includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog links, and is available for a one-off lifetime payment of 42 including VAT. Previously the directory entry cost 2p a day. It is still free for Salvo Code dealers.

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