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June 23, 2016, 09:53 PM

Salvo Fair shopping - Buy asking yourself 3 questions

By Sara Morel

Cronin's Reclamation at Salvo Fair ©Style Salvo

Molly and Maud's Place at Salvo Fair ©Style Salvo
Beyond France at Salvo Fair ©Style Salvo
Reclamation Warriors at Salvo Fair ©Style Salvo

Oxfordshire, UK - I took the opportunity to chat to Salvo Fair exhibitors this weekend to give you this style guide to shopping. Buy asking yourself these 3 questions.

Do you love it?

Whether you are buying shoes, salvage or antiques, fashions move in cycles so don't let current trends dictate your taste. If you buy something because it is on trend you will get bored. If you buy something because you love it, it will hold your interest.

I caught up with David of Posterity and he said within the hour of me walking out with his hand painted Pure Evil print, a guy came back especially to buy it. Buying art before I had even started the building work on my flat may not have sounded like the smartest move, but I love it and wake up to it every morning. You never forget the one that got away.

If you love it, don't hesitate.

Does it fit?

Finding yourself a trusted tailor and a good carpenter is essential, but I wasn't going to nip this haberdashery chest up at the ankles. I chatted with Karen and Chloe of Molly and Maud's Place and they said how much they love the fact they don't need to concern themselves with measurements and can just buy what they love for their collection. I took the measurements, umming and ahing. Karen said if it is meant to be yours, it will work. I came back later, willing to make it work and I would have repositioned my bed and shorted my '50s glass light shade to do so, but an interior designer had just bought it. Probably best I thought, remembering Karen's advice. Don't start body-hating or house-hating if something doesn't fit.

If it fits, it was meant to be yours.

Is £$€!! too much for...?

Do your research, but ultimately you should calculate the price by value to you. You can do the cost-per-wear sum for shoes if you like, but cost per feeling of pleasure that a piece of furniture brings you is a more difficult sum. Like the first question, this is a personal question to which only you know the answer.

Beyond France

Molly and Maud's Place

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Reclamation Warriors

Salvo Fair

Woodstoneuk incorporating Cronin's Reclamation

Cronin's Reclamation

Salvo Fair

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