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June 16, 2016, 06:53 PM

Salvo Fair set-up day

By Sara Morel

@stylesalvo #salvie

Ronson Reclaim 1937 BSA Gold Star motorbike ęStyle Salvo
Cox's Yard copper cheese vat ęStyle Salvo
Cox's Yard coppers ęStyle Salvo

Oxfordshire, UK - Oxfordshire - Style Salvo @stylesalvo signing on to @salvofair Twitter and @salvoweb Instagram for Salvo Fair 2016. A day of hard hats and hard work at set-up today with just a short stop in the tea tent to see the England v Wales match, where the women of Insitu also took a moment to paint their nails in between setting up their pitch (talking fair pitch now, not football). Hats off to them indeed! A few highlights from the day were Ronson Reclaim's unrestored 1937 BSA Gold Star motorbike and a 19th century copper cheese vat salvaged from Jura, which was just one of a collection of coppers at Cox's Yard.

I have already seen so many unique pieces so stay tuned to social media for more Style Salvo Fair finds.

@stylesalvo on @salvofair Twitter & @salvoweb Instagram

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Salvo Fair

Cox's Yard


Ronson Reclaim

Salvo Fair 2016 Exhibitors list
Salvo Fair Twitter

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