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May 16, 2017, 09:29 PM

Salvo Fair mention on YouTube channel with 67,000 millenials

By Thornton Kay

Alfie the lama, skittish in Ironhenge [from Dave Erasmus video

Dave Erasmus gives Salvo a boost

Oxfordshire, UK - The plan was to get Dave Erasmus, whose YouTube channel is subscribed to by 67,000 hipsters and millenials, and is building a tiny home in a wood outside Brighton, to come along to the Salvo fair this year. Unfortunately he had a prior family engagement. But he kindly came to Fawley anyway to look at some of Sir William's salvaged windows and mentioned the Salvo Fair in two of his videos (see links below).

Some of the 100 plus comments:

Dave, you make me smile, "You built this, you must of had some help?". You may of heard of the family business, Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd (Construction/Civil Engineering). His great grandfather, Sir Robert McAlpine, built the old Wembly Stadium (1923 - 2000) and Sir William now has the origial flag poles from the stadiums' twin towers. I wonder if the flag poles are in there with all the other salvage?

Yes, at least one Wembley stadium flagpole is there. Here are a few more comments:

This place is crazy, in the most positive way. I would love to stay there for a day, it would be quite of an adventure. Like a fairy tale.

That is the biggest spade I've ever seen..

Wow what an eccentric old sort! Love him and his vision!

Mr. McAlpine is the true embodiment of a legend! Well done Sir! keep rocking the pink turtle necks :)

Oh my God I haven't laughed so hard since watching a shihtzu in a teddy bear outfit playing ping pong.

honestly just trying to watch a video before I go to work and you guys keep mentioning my employer! I can't get away from the place haha

What a fascinating man, and his lifes' work of collecting. I sure hope there's someone to curate his estate for the long run. It felt like I was along with you Dave, and that was very nice.

Sutch an excentric bloke, totally inspirational

Oh my, absolutely love that salvage place!

It's all sort of like minecraft in real life

Great video Dave. The standoff with Alfie was hilarious...

The old guy collection is amazing he very cool place is amazin he has meerkats in his front garden

This vlog was great never seen anything like it

Dave Erasmus is an internet entrepreneur whose TED talks garnered 100,000 views, now with a weekly YouTube broadcast with 67,000 subscribers from a wood outside Brighton where he is connecting with nature.

Thanks for coming and doing the video Dave!

YouTube: Dave meets Sir William: 12,000 views
YouTube: Dave mentions Salvo: 17,000 views

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Date Modified: May 18, 2017, 03:07 PM

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