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May 26, 2016, 03:24 PM

Salvo Fair Hats off to Women - Style Salvo

By Ruby Hazael

Style Salvo at Ohmega Salvage, CA Style Salvo

Arts and Crafts fireplace from Edward Haes as a cooker hood with organ pipe from Architectural Forum [photo Style Salvo

London West, UK - One of the three Hats off to Women stories this week features the lady behind salvage and style blog, Style Salvo.

Can you explain what first made you interested in using salvaged and reclaimed materials?
I came to it through fashion. I have always loved the one of a kind feel of vintage so as soon as I had the chance to renovate my own place, treasure hunting for fashion translated into treasure hunting salvage and reclaimed materials.

Did any people or places have a particular influence on your love of salvage?
'Mr Salvage' a.k.a Thornton Kay. Thornton is creative with the crafty know-how to make something practical. I remember wondering aloud if I should buy an arts and crafts fireplace to use as a cooker hood. Thornton nodded and pointed me towards salvaged organ pipes to create an extractor pipe (I bought both).

Why was it important for you to promote architectural salvage elements and design ideas using salvage?
I started Style Salvo to tell the story of my reclaimed renovation. I vowed to do up my first home with as many reclaimed materials as possible, having never stepped into a salvage yard before starting this project. I want to grow Style Salvo into a destination for style and salvage inspiration and show people how they can reclaim, reuse, shop and style to suit taste rather than trends.

What sort of salvaged items are you most enthusiastic about?
I bought almost all of the lights for my flat before I even started the building work.
New lights usually look so similar and are available everywhere you look, step or click. Although they are not always the most straight forward finds, salvaged lights have been some of my most thrilling. I also have a thing for old doors.

How have you used salvaged and reclaimed items in your own home?
You will spot salvage in every room. One of my first and favourite pieces of salvage is a pair of 19th century French mauve mirrored doors that I used for my shoe wardrobe.

Highlights or downside of working with or using reclaimed materials and salvage?
I love the mindful angle of reclaimed materials as the amount of new building materials produced is shocking. If I can save something to reuse or style differently then I am happy, but with that comes a downside as things do not necessarily work out exactly as you imagined - also a joy of the journey!

Has being a woman working with salvaged materials made life easier or more difficult during your discovery of salvage and reclamation?
Without being too women's lib about it, I was born a woman- does it come with its' challenges? Yes. Does working with salvage come with difficulties? Yes. Salvage found me a little later, but I will enjoy both for life.

How do you feel about upcycling with reclaimed and antique?
I love it if it genuinely adds value to the original piece, but it is sad to see an antique garishly painted and upholstered just because it is not currently trending.

How do you feel about the eco-friendly reuse side of salvage with the idea of making the planet a greener place?
It is a big part of my passion for salvage. It does not have to be more expensive than buying new and the workmanship will more than likely be better so it's guilt free shopping for you and the planet.

Why do you think women in particular love reuse, reclaim and architectural salvage?
The thrill of the chase? Ha. I was actually about to say the stories behind it, but I think both women and men enjoy the conversation starter of a piece with provenance.

Have you any tips for other women wanting to start a salvage business?
To do it for you and be unique in what you offer.

How do you relax and unwind, fave places to visit or holiday?
I haven't had a holiday in the last year without seeking out a salvage yard or an antique market. I just got back from San Francisco where I saw Big Daddy's Antiques and Ohmega Salvage. I lost myself for hours in both which was a great way to unwind. Unfortunately my new attraction for salvaged souvenirs don't pack as neatly into my suitcase as a sneaky pair of shoes.

@StyleSalvo Instagram and Twitter. Blogs at style-salvo(dot)com PR, communications & online content consultancy stylesalvo@icloud(dot)com

The Salvo Fair will be held on 18-19 June at Fawley Hill in Henley-on-Thames with Trade Day on Friday 17th June. If you would like to be involved in 'Hats off to Women' answer the same questions and send us your story and photos to Salvo.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Ohmega Salvage

Style Salvo
Salvo Fair 2016

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