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January 14, 2016, 01:54 PM

Salvo Fair 2016: Hats off to Women!

By Ruby Hazael

Hats off to these lovely women photographed at Salvo Fair. See the story below to put names to faces...

Oxfordshire, UK - The 'Hats off to Women' theme for Salvo Fair 2016 will celebrate women who buy, sell, design with, write about, and reuse architectural and garden antiques, salvage and reclaimed building materials.

Salvo is looking for ladies to get involved with Salvo Fair 2016. Owners and employees of antiques and reclamation businesses are invited to take stands and benefit from Hats off to Women promotion to local and national press. Dealers, designers, architects, builders, makers and press can participate by registering for a complimentary trade day ticket, and display business cards and photos of their work in a Hats off to Women display area seen by thousands of visitors over the following weekend. All of the above are invited to attend a gala party at Salvo Fair on the afternoon of the Trade Day on Friday 17th June.

Thornton Kay of Salvo explained, "In general, women seem to appreciate the old more than men and think reuse is sensible rather than wastefully throwing stuff away. Since the 1970s the UK has had the best reclamation industry in the world, and this is mainly thanks to the tenacity of women who have helped to save millions of tonnes of architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials."

Debbie Kedge, a Salvo Fair exhibitor since 2004 and co-founder of Masco said, "Working as a woman in the industry has been really positive. Some aspects have come easier to me than others. Initially I was terrified of selling but now I love it. I think the key is to have confidence in yourself and the products you offer. Customers want to know what they are buying and are genuinely interested in origin and provenance which engages them with history and architectural context."

Salvo Fair will be held on 18th and 19th June at Fawley Hill, Henley-on-Thames, with Trade Day on Friday 17th June. If you are interested in exhibiting or getting involved with the Hats off to Women theme please contact Ruby by email ruby2@salvoweb dot com.

[photo: Hats off to these lovely women photographed at Salvo Fair. From top left clockwise Chloe Rymer of Molly & Maud's Place, Lou Cronin of The Original Home Store, Lynn Lambourne of Love Nellie, Chau Lee of Ecovril Sustainable Planning and Design, Laura Hargreaves of Hargreaves Flooring, Angela Rose Textiles, Lynda North Antiques, Nadine Davies of The Architectural Forum and Sara McConnachie of Style Salvo.

Salvo Fair

Salvo Fair 2016

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