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February 15, 2017, 08:48 PM

Salvo encourages younger exhibitors with Antiques Young Guns

By Sara Morel

Edd Thomas chair of AYG ©Edd Thomas

AYG at SALVO 2017 competition
Bombe Antiques had this figure on the pitch they won at Salvo Fair 2016 [photo © Style Salvo

London West, UK - Antiques Young Guns is once again holding a competition for a free pitch at SALVO 2O17. Last year's winners, Lucie Farrimond of Three Toads Antiques and Lily Johnston of Bombe Antiques sold to set designers for Tom Cruise's upcoming film The Mummy amongst the trade day Salvo Fair shoppers. Both businesses are profiled in the latest issue of Reclaim magazine.

Brilliant old things including architectural antiques, salvage, reclaimed materials, decorative antiques, vintage and industrial are fair regulars and Salvo continues to encourage the bright young things selling them to get involved by partnering with Antiques Young Guns. AYG as it is known in the trade was founded by TV presenter and author Mark Hill and experts Gail McLeod and George Johnson to promote and mentor people under 40.

"Through affiliation with Antiques Young Guns you suddenly find your name and stock put in front of some of the industry's leaders and that can't be a bad thing," said new AYG chair, Edd Thomas of Eddintheclouds antiques.

SALVO 2O17 will return to Henley on 23rd - 25th June and is expanding the fair field to welcome special Green Living pitches with eco off-grid, old and new building material, green energy and craftspeople that fit well with next generation antique dealers that acknowledge a lower carbon footprint as part of the appeal.

"As an unmissable date in the fair calendar, Antiques Young Guns are really excited to be working with Salvo on this fantastic competition. We already know the prize of a free pitch is going to be hotly contested by our many talented members. Indeed such is the quality of the fair that our past winners still brag about Salvo fairs gone by whenever they get the chance," added Edd of AYG. He describes antiques as part of the family, perhaps explaining his request for this year's entrants to include a picture of themselves with their stock.

If you are not yet a member, it is not too late to join AYG for the chance to enter and win a free pitch at SALVO 2O17.

To apply contact Antiques Young Guns chair Edd Thomas edd@antiquesyougguns(dot)com by 23rd March 2017 and see the full terms and conditions at the link below. Good luck.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

AYG at SALVO 2017 competition details
Join Antiques Young Guns

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