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March 06, 2017, 11:02 PM

SALVO 2017 exhbitors in the press and on TV

By Shirley Kay

Salvo fair 2016 Molly and Maud's Salvo

Salvo fair 2016 Beya Fontenay repurposed mangle wine rack Salvo
Junk robot Gizmobots
Reclaimed bricks Architectural Salvage Source

Oxfordshire, UK - SALVO 2017 exhibitors, Molly and Maud's Place recently featured in The Magazine Antiques, New York. Molly and Maud's originally won a free pitch at the fair in 2015 with the Antiques Young Gun competition and have been regulars ever since. They specialise in beautiful, interesting and rare decorative antiques which are well suited to a multitude of settings. The business is run by mother and daughter team Karen and Chloe. Karen has a background in interiors and she still chooses to relax and be inspired by visiting art galleries, museums and beautiful houses. Italy is always her first choice above any other place in the world. Chloe grew up in a house surrounded by exciting and unusual items bought by mum, Karen. Who also took her from a young age, then not always willingly, to auctions and fairs. She is now an AYG member and self confessed antiques addict herself and loves the buying side of the business above all.

American buyers have long been attracted to British and European architectural salvage and antiques. In fact the SalvoWEB online marketplace has a high number of views from the US. Designers, architects and private renovators love the beauty and quality of these pieces plus the added interest of their past life story. On my last visit to NYC I stayed at the Nomad hotel which proudly displays a stone fireplace in the dining room from a French chateau. The Salvo fair itself has its fair share of buyers from the US and one even comes every year on a buying trip from Texas to the UK just for SALVO.

Another regular Salvo fair exhibitor, Beya Fontenay has recently sold one of their popular designs a mangle wine rack to a buyer in the USA. Featured in this month's Reclaim magazine, Beya Fontenay are a husband and wife team with a passion for repurposing industrial salvage. Jack and Clare rescue and restore unique historical pieces. Their designs are in demand due to the quality of construction and consideration for both practicality and functionality. The showroom is constantly changing with a fantastic range of industrial, vintage furniture and decorative items on display. It is view by appointment only but they are happy to roll out the red carpet for any visitors. Clare and Jack do a few other home fairs but have found SALVO to be the best one to make good contacts for future sales. Rumour has it one of them last year even had a Royal connection.

Antiques and salvage are moving more into trading online and many showrooms are often now only view by appointment. This has led to many dealers showcasing their best pieces and making new contacts by doing just one or two select fairs. However one Salvo fair exhibitor with a shop is Paul's Emporium. Paul pictured outside his shop featured in a recent edition of Antiques Trade Gazette. He seems to really enjoy trading in an area itself full of character and diversity, Islington, North London. One attraction for regular customers is that Paul specialises in stocking fresh to market items with new items coming in the shop everyday. So who could resist leaving their computer and online shopping behind for a good rummage In Paul's shop while listening to his fantastic vinyl record collection. He is now a welcome regular at SALVO fair.

Gizmobots, a new exhibitor for SALVO 2017, has just appeared this week in the new series of BBC's, Money For Nothing. Sarah Moore rescues a scientific microscope from a recycling centre and Mark Haig transforms it into a robot. Mark began as a child making making robots and spaceships out of cogs, wheels and bits of wood that his father bought back from his job as a clock repairer. He now makes quirky robots out of pieces found in skips, second hand shops, car boot sales and scrap yards. He is also a qualified electronics engineer. So it was the ideal challenge for Mark and he made the microscope into a cute I-pod dock. The junkbots can be built to be interactive or animated. Sarah appreciated his skills in saving junk from landfill but these robots have also helped introduce children to reuse. Mark has over twenty years experience in teaching a diverse range of pupils and runs fun workshops which fit well with Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 National Curriculum specifications on waste, recycling and design. He will be an interesting addition to the diversity of SALVO 2017.

Decorative antiques and repurposed reclamation is a great joy to see at the fair but designers, architects and home renovators will not be disappointed to also find a good selection of reclaimed building materials. Items like reclaimed bricks may not seem as attractive or newsworthy but with every 12 bricks embodying the energy of a gallon of petrol, reuse instead of crushing is an important focus for SALVO. Architectural Salvage Source, specialising in reclaimed bricks, York stone, cobble stones, quarry tiles, roof tiles, gates and fireplaces is just one of the Salvo Code dealers who will be exhibiting at SALVO 2017.


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