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April 13, 2017, 10:21 AM

Salvaging fashion on the SALVO 2017 fair field with Mahala

By Sara Morel

©Mahala_london Instagram


London West, UK - There is no perfectly sustainable material, but getting to know the materials you dress your home and yourself with is a good place to start. Held just outside Henley 23-25 June, SALVO 2017 has a Green Living theme and will incorporate green pioneers like zero waste chef, Douglas McMaster and designer/maker Emily Griffin with her homeware and accessories brand Mahala.

Salvo aims to raise awareness of sustainability with a celebration of style with green living credentials. Style seems an appropriate description rather than fashion as the very word conjures up connotations of quick trends instead of more conscious consumption and something more unique to you.

Emily offers unique at Mahala, her shop based in an old fishmonger in East London. You would only know this from the old shop sign, as you are welcomed with the aroma of organic candles and wild pistachio soap. Swapping the city for the SALVO fair field, Emily will exhibit Mahala's signature bags made from army surplus fabric along with vintage and handcrafted homewares. Working with old British saddlery leather and military canvases, materials at Mahala are upcycled and carefully sourced. Situated besides the Silo at Salvo pop up restaurant, the Mahala stand is a good place to stop and appreciate home fashions and accessories at a slower pace.


Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

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