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September 26, 2017, 10:39 AM

Salvage space for 2018 bathroom trends

By Shirley Kay

Reclaimed Bath tubs Ohmega Salvage

Old Rectory design project Retrouvius
Rare patterned antique cast iron bath UK Architectural Antiques
Double ceramic wash basin Norfolk Antique & Reclamation

London West, UK - The bathroom has become the space we can completely relax in to get away from the daily stress of modern life. So with this in mind the trend is for the bathroom to become a larger room which is both more comfy and beautiful.

Aged raw beauty fits this current trend. This is enhanced by textures with natural originality. Reclaimed wood fits the bill perfectly here adding a unique touch to any bathroom. Elle Decoration even names it as a hot trend. It can be used to adorn the side of a bath, flooring, walls and for made to measure storage units. Salvo Code member, Retrouvius feature with a design using reclaimed wood as a raised seating platform for a sunken bath. See image two of their Old Rectory bathroom design using salvaged tropical hardwood.

In fact baths are the ultimate in relaxation and can easily create a statement piece. Freestanding tubs and island baths being the most popular. Interior designer, Tone Kroken, also features in Elle with her own salvaged bathroom and states it is the one thing she 'could not live without'. A bath is the perfect place to read, meditate, listen to music or news, drink tea, coffee or wine. Plus if a bathroom is well designed you may even enjoy a good view from your tub.

Elle recommends Salvo Code member English Salvage for a huge selection of reclaimed bath tubs. Another Salvo Code member in the UK specialising in antique and vintage baths is Antique Bathrooms of Ivybridge, who also provide a restoration service. Also specialising in sanitary ware, with their website just a click away on the SalvoWEB homepage, are Mongers, in Norfolk. In the US try Ohmega Salvage, based in Berkley, California. Image one shows their yard full of reclaimed bath tubs and image three a rare antique bath for sale for on SalvoWEB from UK Architectural Antiques.

Another natural bathroom beauty favourite is stone such as quartz and marble. Flooring and wall designs with geometric patterns and asymmetrical shapes are currently a key design feature. Stone or white ceramic contrasts well with wood. North Shore Architectural Stone have upcycled a vintage wine barrel with a Rocksink; demonstrating perfectly the beautiful contrast of wood with stone. This is currently for sale on Salvo US. Another good example is interior designer, Cristina Rodriguez gorgeous combination of reclaimed wood and marble with her upcycled wash stand made from a vintage wooden desk. See this month's Elle Bathroom special for images.

Search out too beautiful metals to enhance your space. Brass has attracted attention for those that want an alternative to stainless steel. Architectural Decor, Bristol are a regular SalvoWEB advertiser with a good selection of refurbished original brass taps. Taps are featuring on walls, floor pipes and washstands not just on wash basins.

Showers are becoming more roomy and open. Multi-functional elements such as steam systems may mean making room for the addition of a vintage or reclaimed wooden bench or stool. Reclaimed wood flooring and walls adds a relaxing Spa atmosphere. Polished plaster finishes such as Morrocan tadelakt and Venetian Plaster make a green alternative to tiling for shower walls. Make sure it is the real thing applied professionally though as synthetic alternatives will not be made to last. The authentic plasters are both beautiful and and suit modern green building standards. See the Salvo directory for links to suppliers and installation.

Antique and vintage bathrooms are bringing beauty and relaxation with the style of days gone by. Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco bathrooms are all periods that can provide the dream. Add in a rug, a few vintage patterned tiles, shelves, chair, chest, table, mirrors, plants, candles, bamboo baskets for towels and toiletries. Whatever your style statement pieces can add industrial cool or glamourous chic, such as vintage lighting, double marble or ceramic basins, belfast sinks, bright colours of vintage sanitary ware, an antique fireplace or a traditional high level cistern and toilet with classic brass fittings which deserves to feature in a room of its own. Image four shows a stunning pair of Interlocking wash basins on fluted ceramic stands for sale on SalvoWEB from Norfolk Antique & Reclamation.

Find a good selection of reclaimed wood, stone, original bathroom fittings and sanitary ware for sale on the SalvoWEB worldwide online marketplace; where you will also find the Salvo directory for salvage and antique showrooms. However if you do opt for antique or vintage fittings we would advise you source an experienced supplier so they will have been well restored to suit modern plumbing. Plus a recommendation for a plumber used to working with salvaged fittings.

This month's Elle Decoration Bathrooms special is a must for lots more inspiration on bathroom designs trends for 2018 and beyond. Reno-Assistance renovation blog has also summed up the most popular bathroom trends. See the link below.

Architectural Decor

Norfolk Antique & Reclamation

UK Architectural Antiques

Ohmega Salvage



English Salvage

Antique Bathrooms Ltd

Reno Assistance: 10 Popular Bathroom Trends Leading into 2018
SalvoWEB worldwide online marketplace - Bathroom

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