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April 14, 2016, 03:49 PM

Russian missile soars to top spot in Summers Place sealed sale

By Thornton Kay

Russian missile 11,500 [photo SPA

Eagle doorknocker 1,100 [photo SPA
Austin & Seeley urn finials with copper leaves [photo SPA
Gothic bootscraper [photo SPA

West Sussex, UK - A 10.9m titanium, stainless steel and aluminium Lavochkin V-751 experimental flying laboratory sold for above-estimate 11,500 plus premium at Summers Place sealed bid auction last week. The propulsion system included an S-75 four second first stage solid fuel booster, attached to the V-751 22 second second stage giving the ballistic beast speeds up to Mach 3, a height of 12.5 miles and a range of 22 miles (sufficient to knock Gary Powers U2 spy plane out of the sky over Russia in 1960).

Other metalwork at the sale included a clutch of door porters (now sadly catalogued as doorstops), knockers, boot scrapers, stick stands, along with the customary garden seats and benches. A Coalbrookdale gothic octagonal stick stand made 1,100, a pair of cast iron rococo putto and flowers long door porters 14ins high sold for a double estimate 800, a splendid eagle 12ins high cast iron doorknocker from Coalbrookdale sold for a double estimate 1,100, a substantial 19ins high cast iron gothic bootscraper made a double estimate 2,000 and a bronze St George atop a 12ft limestone column made a double estimate 4,100.

Two pairs of substantial 1870 carved Portland stone armorials, formerly mounted on the gate piers of the Knightsbridge barracks of the Household Cavalry prior to its demolition in the 1960s, made 7,100 and 8,100.

Two pairs of mid 19thC 67ins high Austin & Seeley combo urn finials with later galvanised foliage tops all in very good condition sold for a total of 6,400. Incidentally the Georgian originals on which this idea was based can still be seen in urn finials with copper leafy palm-type plants on the high level bridge joining William Beckford's two 18thC Bath houses, also seen when he stayed in Sintra, Portugal.

A 47inch hippo head was top taxidermy at 4,500. A Benin-style bronze cockerel (presumably modern) - one of a small section of African lots - made 803. A 7ft high red latticework steel screw light bulb by Craig Dyson entitled 'A Cry of Joy' was top in the modern sculpture section at an above estimate 7,100. A resin lion mask spout by Philip Thomason sold for 500.

Summers Place Auctions

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