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February 14, 2013, 06:14 PM

Restauranteur Keith McNally finds his bath on SalvoWEB

By Shirley Kay

The bath found on SalvoWEB for Keith McNally's Notting Hill home [from House & Garden

London West, UK - Keith McNally became well known in New York City particularly for Balthazar, a restaurant of choice for locals and tourists alike in the Village. Now Keith has returned to England to set up the London branch in the old Theatre Museum, Covent Garden.

McNally, whose house in Notting Hill was featured in February's House & Garden magazine which mentioned his bath find on SalvoWEB, has a love for vintage and reclaimed materials. In his restaurants he creates a stylish but comfortable atmosphere, and has done the same in his London home too. It is good to see such an abundance of vintage finds, reclaimed wood and industrial tiles.

He discovered old and reclaimed items at flea markets, auctions and on SalvoWEB which he found to be a good source for salvage and reclaimed materials and the chosen bath.

Balthazar, London, is taking reservations from 16th February. In New York it is known for Bistro food with friendly service and Keith wants the London restaurant to keep the same egalitarian appeal - and reclaimed materials.

Balthazar London
Baths for sale on SalvoWEB

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