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November 03, 2014, 08:40 PM

Reclaimed stone flooring - a design dream

By Shirley Kay

Suffolk rustic kitchen design Retrouvius

Italian classic design Luciano Amato, Pierre de Bourgogne
Contemporary design - reclaimed limestone Lichen Garden Antiques
Mix of old and new Cronin's Reclamation

Somerset, UK - The unique natural beauty of a natural stone floor suits a kitchen, open plan living area, bathroom, hallway or a conservatory. It can be both practical, hardwearing and beautiful.

Reclaimed stone flooring can be a designer's dream as it blends well in a variety of design styles - traditional classic, rustic country, industrial chic or modern elegance - providing a possible complete change of look over the years without needing the extra expense of changing the flooring. Stone floors can also create a neutral backdrop or a stunning design statement.

Stone is also the underfloor heater's reclaimed material of choice, as the thick mass of masonry gently radiating heat underfoot will keep the ambient temperature of any room up around nice and comfortable, or down to cool in sweltering Mediterranean heat.

A salvaged natural stone floor is good for keeping up with design trends such as mixing textures, bringing the outside in, mixing old and new, vintage and upcycled furniture. Bright pops of colour is another trend that works well with reclaimed stone flooring - as shown on the front cover of the new Annie Sloan book Room Recipes for Style and Colour (soon to be reviewed in SalvoNEWS).

The beauty and flexibility of natural stone flooring can be seen in the images and links below. Further design inspiration can be found on the SalvoWEB Instagram and Pinterest pages.

Annie Sloan Interiors

Amato Luciano

Lichen Garden Antiques


Cronin's Reclamation

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Houzz: Reclaimed stone flooring

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