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June 28, 2012, 06:36 PM

R. Hutt & Partners tows the Salvo Fair in and out of Stubbings

By Thornton Kay

Berkshire, UK - A 350HP doubleheader of two tractors towing the 24 tonne truck of Dean Cannadine's Architectural Salvage Source backwards out of the Salvo Fair field at 8pm on the Sunday evening.

Last weekend's Salvo Fair involved bringing 500 tons of architectural salvage in more than 100 vans, many trucks, several artics and two lowloaders to a fairly constricted site on to a farm field which had been rained on for 30 days which would not have been possible without the help of Matt Sell, Mark and Jake, and a team of drivers using up to four rough terrain telehandlers and three tractors.

Matthew Wise tweeted:
'At the salvo fair and the van is stuck in the mud! Great start....not!'
followed shortly after by
'they did a good job and pulled us out of there. All smiles again. Ha.'

Thanks again to Matt and the team . . .

Salvo Fair

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