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February 10, 2011, 05:13 PM

Pulpit on the move

By Lawrence Skilling

Removing a Frimley pulpit

Surrey, UK - Finally worked out how to have a nice collage of pictures (thanks, Photobucket) rather than the opaque system Tumblr provides (no offence, and thanks for the free service anyway). And to celebrate here is a little action sequence showing our marvellous boys in action moving a pulpit base in a church near Guildford.

It was that worst of all church jobs - a building site. And while we did not actually see anybody doing any work while we were there - tea drinking, paper reading, aimless wandering and watching us was as good as it got - the builders had nonetheless managed to rip up all the flooring just before we turned up to remove the 8ft high pulpit. Thanks for that.

This meant that we had to move the thing old style; busting it up and dragging it off. As I had done my back in a couple of days previously - sneezing, believe it or not - I restricted myself to undoing some of the x hundred screws that the OCD Victorian nutter carpenters had used to make this thing, and taking out of focus pictures of our follically challenged crew scuttling towards the exit. Wa-hey! Wish I had done a little film, then you would get the sound effects as well. Tucked inside the pulpit was a little time capsule envelope of stuff, I will scan soon and this can be the next installment of the exciting Frimley Pulpit Series.

Antique Church Furnishings

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