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September 17, 2012, 05:55 PM

Prices up and down at Sutton Windmill bygones sale

By Robert Kinsella

Snuff jars 800 (est 100) Smiths, Pollard, Taddy, Fribourg & Benyon [photo TWGaze

Norfolk, UK - As is the nature of an auction, prices were all over the place, up and down. Or am I losing my touch as a valuer? Final lots of the sale - two rat traps - Carl's estimate 25-45 sold for 800. Apparently one was a prototype, never manufactured. The man trap, two lion traps and various others are destined for Australia. Most of the others shared between local and Yorkshire collectors. Carpentry and coopers tools found good homes as did marshman's tools. Childrens leather boots were the highlight of the cobblers section. Domestic items included a large selection of cherry stoners and Victorian apple peelers. Although the pharmacy fittings failed to sell (still available) the bottles, jars and packaging all found homes and the counter made 1,300 and dispensing counter 700.

All unsold items are being brought back to Diss for our November 17th Rural Bygones Sale.

T W Gaze Llp

Diss Auction Rooms: Sutton Windmill Bygone Auction

Story Type:  Auction Report

ID: 69605

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