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January 24, 2013, 12:47 PM

Preserving the past with Julia Shantz

By Shirley Kay

Uniquities Architectural Antiques [Photo Uniquities

Alberta, Canada - Calgary Herald reporter Yvonne Jeffrey states that she needs an escort to protect her from herself when visiting Uniquities Architectural Antiques. Co owner Julia Shantz believes very much in preserving the past and the Calgary showroom is full of many beautiful items which would tempt any buyer.
In fact Julia Shantz grew up in Wales surrounded by history and this love of history travelled with her when she emigrated to Canada in 1983. In 1992 she and her husband Doug purchased a 1915 heritage home and went about the painstaking and often frustrating task of renovating. It soon became clear that the period hardware and architectural details needed to complete the house were impossible to find in Calgary. Where most would have settled for repro, Julia was inspired to research and develop the concept for Uniquities Architectural Antiques. Doug Shantz joined the business full time in 2004. His experience as a building contractor is a valuable asset to Uniquities. He can work with clients and builders to help with restoration and installation. Most importantly he can lift very heavy things. Then Monique Beaumont started working for Julia in 2007 bringing her interior design experience to Uniquities. Family is also a big part of the business with one son doing photographs especially useful for their blog. Another son is very good with the restorations. Julia feels the greatest thing you can give your children is desire and passion.

Julia sources items for the showroom with buying trips to Europe four times a year. The business has also had to adapt in the recession. But they have responded well and risen to the challenge. They have expanded into building with salvaged pieces and private designs. Even bringing over Welsh stonemasons when needed. Container reveals have also been used to generated excitement and a growing part of the business is the locator service offered to clients looking for specific pieces. Uniquities realises the importance of good customer service and client relationship building with mutual trust.

Julia's enthusiasm comes through in the article and states she really enjoys the opportunity to be creative and preserve some unique pieces of history. In fact 'it's really about living the dream, about living the life that you imagined for yourself'.

Uniquities is a Salvo Code dealer. The Salvo code means the dealer has followed good buying practice and aims to give customers greater confidence when they buy. For example that the architectural antiques and reclaimed building materials for sale have not been stolen or removed without permission. For architectural salvage dealers following the Salvo Code look out for the Crane logo.

Uniquities also has a home page button on Salvo US which links directly to their website. If any architectural salvage or antiques dealers are interested in a button please contact Salvo. Contact details on the website.

Uniquities Architectural Antiques

Salvo US

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