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February 13, 2012, 03:25 PM

Plush Team CIC trains mum plumbers and dad tilers

By Lawrence Skilling

Steve Bird of Plush Teams CIC [photo LS

London East, UK - This is Steve Bird who was kind enough to help us on our Shoreditch Baptist Church job. He's standing beside what is their total immersion Baptist pool, covered for the moment with sheets of ply. Steve lent us tools, loosened the pews from the floor, helped us with parking and liasing with the builders who could have made our lives a High Vis regulation nightmare. He even cleaned up after us and let us dump some unwanted scrap wood. All this whilst trying to do his own building jobs in the back of the church.

When not doing stuff for the church, Steve runs two local initiatives. One to train unemployed mothers as plumbers, the other to train unemployed fathers as tilers. If all goes well then mums and dads might all get to work on the same job, providing a synchronistic useful package. As he pointed out, he could make more money and have an easier life just being a plumber and tiler by himself but this way he gets to feel good, really good about what he does. Steve's enterprise is called Plush Team CIC. (CIC stands for Community Interest Company).

If you have work for his team in or around East London then contact him on steve.bird94 at yahoo dot com or call him on 0794 324 3681.

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Antique Church Furnishings: Ordinary people doing good things

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