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November 19, 2016, 12:19 PM

Original Features & Woodburners Favoured by Homebuyers

By Nadine Davies

Victorian fireplace and woodburning stove

Original wooden flooring
Original wooden flooring
Antique original fireplaces

London North, UK - The decisions we make when renovating and decorating are usually guided by our own taste, but it is reassuring to know what aspects also add to the desirability of your home when it comes to selling it in the future.

A recent survey of over 2000 people, carried out by SellingUp and Populus, has given an insight into which features help to make a home especially appealing. The verdict was great for those of us who love original features!

No fewer than 46% of people favoured original period fireplaces compared to only 13% who didn't agree, whilst 50% of people agreed that a wood-burning stove was an attractive prospect.

Original features of all kinds certainly proved popular within the survey. Real wood flooring was a definite positive feature for 64% of those asked. We can undoubtedly vouch for the popularity of original wood floors: our original reclaimed floorboards and parquet are always in high demand.

It's great news for those of us who love original features!

Click on the link below to read the full results.

Browse our latest antique fireplaces on the Stock List, or look at our British-made wood-burning stoves at the London Stove Company website on the link below.

Architectural Forum

SellingUp/Populus Survey
London Stove Company

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