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August 22, 2013, 10:21 AM

Oranges and Lemons

By Lawrence Skilling


London East, UK - Partly cleared out St Clements, Eastcheap in the City of London, which is the first time we've worked in a church referenced in a famous nursery rhyme. Smallest of the Wren Churches you'd hardly know it was there until you walked in the door.

I was anxious about the logistics imagining fleets of armed, moped riding, special City of London traffic wardens, tow trucks, Red Route super accumulator parking tickets, horn sounding, shouting and general unpleasantness.

In fact it was one of the easiest jobs we've ever done, Clement Lane which the church is actually on is like a weird little alley where van drivers go to have naps in peace and quiet. Not one ticket did we get, not one warden came along. Apparently there aren't any sneaky cameras either.

We also felt better knowing that we had parked in such a way that no tow truck could get in front of us. No problems with food either as the City must have more high quality takeaways then maybe anywhere in the world. The only interruption being the occasional 'Tim Nice But Dim' City Trader types coming into the church to say things like "So, is this a church, OK, yah?"

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Church Antiques Blog: Oranges and Lemons

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