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October 12, 2016, 09:09 PM

Old-school and new-skool in the same class in Reclaim magazine

By Sara Morel

Reclaim magazine ęStyle Salvo

Salvage selfie Salvie ęStyle Salvo

London West, UK - Old-school glamour and new-skool bloggers sit in the same class in Reclaim magazine. Editor, Loma-Anne Marks opens this months issue with:

"There's a certain allure to historical things. They're often beautiful, reflecting times past when craft and design was taken more slowly; when everything from a grand bed fit for a king to the flour tin in a modest home was made with care".

Offering an alternative to the mass produced, Reclaim magazine celebrates dealers, traders, designers, makers and bloggers who choose to work with reclaimed materials, vintage and antiques. King of glossy magazines, Vogue recently started an uprising after slating bloggers in a round-up review of the latest fashion shows, so it is refreshing to see magazines championing bloggers and this month Reclaim featured me and my blog Style Salvo.

Vogue's vocabulary on the subject of bloggers "heralding the death of style" including "sad", "pathetic" and "embarrassing" is somewhat embarrassing, but I will resist jumping on the bandwagon as the blogosphere is awash with defensive posts and bloggers listing their numerous degrees. Instead I will revel in being featured in the tangible old-school printed pages of Reclaim magazine, because if my photography degree and a decade in public relations in the fashion and interiors industries have taught me anything, it is that crafted editorial stories made with care should sit in the same class, whether in a magazine or on a blog.

Issue 8 of Reclaim magazine is available on newsstands now and you can see my on-going journey into a more sustainable life, and saving old things to reuse and re-style in the reclaimed renovation of my flat on Style Salvo.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Style Salvo
Reclaim magazine

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