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January 07, 2015, 01:08 PM

Old Wood Soul for weddings

By Shirley Kay

Handcrafted reclaimed wood table Old Wood Soul

Colorado, USA - The Old Wood Soul journey began for Lauren and Keith Whittier when they were planning their own wedding. They knew as it was the biggest party they would ever throw for the people they love the most and so they wanted to be intimately involved in its design.

Based in Colorado they had the perfect location for a beautiful rustic wedding but the perfect rustic tables they envisioned for the event could not be found. So being hands-on people they decided to make their own. The couple created beautiful reclaimed wood handcrafted tables. Then realising there was a demand they went on to set up the Denver based furniture company.

Colorado provides a great resource for reclaimed wood with its own story and character and, combined with the couples love of what they do, each unique table continues to get more beautiful over the years.

The tables are perfect for an architectural salvage wedding and are also available for rental. Old Wood Soul is based in Colorado but is happy to do a road trip so contact it for further details and help make your event one that will be remembered for years to come.

If you are looking to create an architectural salvage wedding of your own then you can find local architectural salvage dealers on the Salvo Directory. Many are now also doing rental for special events. Architectural salvage design ideas for weddings can also be found on our Architectural Salvage Weddings board on Pinterest, salvowebpins.

See the link below for the fascinating full story of how Old Wood Soul was born.

Old Wood Soul

The Denver Post: Old Wood Soul tables a labor of love for Denver newlyweds
Salvowebpins on Pinterest

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