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July 23, 2015, 08:04 PM

Notes from the first Salvo Zone at Ardingly

By Thornton Kay

David Palmer (left) on the DappR pitch in the Salvo Zone at Ardingly [photo Salvo

West Sussex, UK - Well, the first Salvo Zone at this week's Ardingly antiques fair, on Tuesday and Wednesday, was a success for one of the three dealers who booked a pitch, DappR Aviation, selling parts salvaged from aeroplanes. Sugden & Daughters and Antiques By Design were less impressed, although both would give it another go.

David Palmer of DappR, which had its first, and fairly successful outing, at Salvo Fair last month, said that his team had sold 3,500 worth of stock off the stand including some quite expensive lumps of engine as table bases, had a refurb commission for a load of well-made of old swivel chairs, had orders to buy every emergency exit door going forward and all small cubical ali boxes, and he said he had made some 'very decent' trade contacts. All in all he was very happy with the outcome of taking a pitch in the new Salvo Zone at Ardingly.

Observations from DappR included the view that underlying green values of reuse were not as important as the coolness, build-quality, interest worthiness, and the 'how does it look in my modern house' factors. Palmer was surprised at Salvo that the more expensive riskier pieces sold, and to an extent the same applied at Ardingly.

Notes for next time: the Salvo Zone will be in a busier part of the fair, at least ten pitches will be booked, the Salvo Zone will be more clearly marked, dealers will be requested to bring riskier big exhibition and promotional pieces - as well as stock for direct sale.

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The next Salvo Zone will be at IACF Newark Antiques Fair on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st August with the set up day on Wednesday 19th August. To book a 6m by 6m pitch please phone Salvo on 07971 217842.

DappR Aviation

Sugden & Daughters

Antiques By Design Ltd


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