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December 08, 2016, 10:43 AM

Netflix and chill with Martin Childs and The Crown

By Sara Morel

screen shot of The Crown courtesy of Netflix

screen shot of the funeral of George VI in The Crown courtesy of Netflix
screen shot of The Crown courtesy of Netflix
screen shot of The Crown courtesy of Netflix

London West, UK - A legal peek into the life of Queen Elizabeth II with the dramatisation of her early reign, the new Netflix Original Series, The Crown is set to take audiences through six seasons to the present day. As Architectural Digest featured, it is worth tuning in for the set designs alone, produced by academy award winner, Martin Childs. Not only has Childs produced sets for major films and fashion houses such as Prada, in 2002 he was awarded MBE in the Queen's New Years Honours List, no doubt a favourable factor when creator and screenwriter Peter Morgan enlisted him for The Crown.

'Peter Morgan's scripts for The Crown aren't full of prescriptive description,' says Childs, adding he loves that 'they tell the story in movement and dialogue, inviting me and my team to create a world in which that story can believably take place.'

As this binge-watcher of The Crown can confirm, it is not only believable but a testament to Childs art direction, revealing that some Rhodesia scenes were filmed in Surrey. It is incredible what the right kind of flowers, floor-standing fans and a couple of damask armchairs can create.

A single room built at Elstree Studios played both Churchill's bedroom and secretaries office. No pun intended. The Crown crew left the film studio for Ely Cathedral, the stand-in for Westminster Abbey, Blythe House, New Slains Castle, Lancaster House and the Ardverikie estate for Balmoral. The Double Cube Room at Wilton House decorated with the family of Charles I in paintings by Van Dyck and pine walls covered in gold leaf foliage played Buckingham Palace.

The second series is in pre-production.

[We have it on good authority that the architectural salvage trade supplied antique items to the production company but cannot state who, or what was supplied - editor]

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Architectural Digestís interview: Go Inside the Filming Locations of The Crown
Netflix: The Crown

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