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July 20, 2016, 09:33 PM

My reclaimed kitchen - before and almost after

By Sara Morel

Kitchen before ©Style Salvo

Sketching design ideas ©Style Salvo
Sink surround and my mum's shed ©Style Salvo
Organ pipe from Architectural Forum ©Style Salvo

London West, UK - The only things delaying my before and after shots are a few pieces of reclaimed marble to finish my kitchen splashback, so I am taking this moment to rewind and recap on what I reused and reclaimed and how I sourced everything.  Here is my eighties kitchen before I started, what I managed to reuse, style and save.

Sourcing materials for my kitchen took me from my mum's shed to New York where the sketching started.

Here I am sketching salvage ideas/staring at my shoes at The Butcher's Daughter a.k.a the "vegetable slaughter house" of New York City.  Wishing I were a human cart able to transport the salvage I saw at The Demolition Depot.  Before I decided to demolish the kitchen wall behind the sink, I looked at stained glass for an internal window to let more light through my flat.

Remember when I found a Belfast sink sitting in my mum's back garden?  Well, this time I almost saved the wooden sink surround, but I decided my worktop needed to be one long strip of "something" to avoid overcrowding my small kitchen with too many materials.

SalvoWEB had me seeing salvage from London's Kings Cross station and I chose a glazed 1940s staff noticeboard in black to style as my overhead kitchen cabinets.  I had been eyeing-up vintage English Rose kitchens, but this design decision put me on a different train towards Historische Bauelemente where I found these gymnasium floorboards (circa 1910) salvaged from a school near Berlin.   These will be the doors for my old kitchen carcasses. 

The organ pipes from Architectural Forum were salvaged from a church in East London. I styled these an extractor fan pipe for the Arts and Crafts fireplace from Haes that I styled as my cooker hood and splashback.  And breathe.  My most ambitious use of salvage so far.

I dreamt of a reclaimed marble worktop and waited until the last minute to try and find a piece long and wide enough, but a beautiful reclaimed wood worktop salvaged from a school science lab came up from Source Antiques instead.  Had I found the marble worktop, I was looking at these Emery & Cie enamelled terracotta tiles for my splashback, but instead I am waiting on reclaimed marble from sculptor John Joekes, as I had to keep my marble somehow.

I will report back with the reclaimed kitchen reveal soon.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

Edward Haes

Source Antiques Ltd

Architectural Forum

See my kitchen photo diary here

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