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January 04, 2017, 05:46 PM

Exhibitor pitch bookings at Salvo 2017

By Thornton Kay

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Oxfordshire, UK - The fair will be held on Friday 23rd June for the trade day and preview party, Sat 24th and Sun 25th June public days at Fawley Hill outside Henley on Thames by kind arrangement with Sir William and Lady McAlpine.

The Salvo Fair will be the same vibrant marketplace for the best antique reclaimed and salvaged stocks of architectural, garden, industrial and decorative pieces. Every Salvo Fair also has a topical keynote - which for Salvo Fair 2016 was 'Hat's Off To Women'.

This year the theme is 'Eco-friendly Living' and is split into two parts - old tech antique pieces for sale, and up-to-date modern green building. Antique and reclamation exhibitors will be encouraged to bring along a few items which fit the green theme - such as Victorian water filters, antique earth closets, old off-grid machinery, interesting early building technology, old wind pumps, portable iron cooking ranges, hand-powered kitchen equipment, human-powered bygones and mechanical garden equipment. Many items which salvage businesses sell fit the theme anway - for example, most old stone troughs were made to be used with water pumps before mains water was available. Joining in is not compulsory, by the way, but it will help the fair have a media hook for magazines and newspapers. Once again we would be keen to have some big exhibits at the fair so please contact us if you have something you think might be suitable. One past life memorable big exhibit from the fair was when LASSCO delightfully offered for sale the original cast iron gothic balustrade from London's iconic Westminster Bridge.

In addition we also plan to invite exhibitors with modern green building products and services, eco-friendly transport and sustainable garden goods alongside relevant craftspeople and skills. These will be located together in a small zone in the Market.

Pitch prices in Ironhenge and the Avenue are the same as 2016. Pitches in the Market, which were at 2011 prices in 2016, have been increased slightly this year. The number of exhibitors will be capped at around 90 in 2017.

Payment can be made by card online via Paypal, by Bacs, by cheque or card by phone to 01227 500485.

The booking form is a fillable pdf which is attached below (please click the story link).

Salvo 2017 Booking Form (fillable pdf - please fill or print, and return with payment)

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