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August 02, 2016, 04:29 PM

Mirrors for decoration and design

By Shirley Kay

Antique mirrors 't Achterhuis

Window mirrors Architectural Forum
Antique shop mirror Edward Haes
Circular Venetian Mirror Salvo US

Kent, UK - A mirror will always add beauty to a room. It can create the illusion of more space, create more light, make a statement, create symmetry, cover an unused doorway or add a touch of luxury or glamour.

Mirrors can be grouped together on a wall, used as wall art pieces, layered together, simply propped against a wall or on a shelf, placed over a mantel or furniture, put behind lights or opposite a window or even used to fake a window. Antique mirror glass is highly sought after and deterioration of the glass called foxing is a statement feature in itself. Companies like Mirrorworks specialise in hand made mirror glass that is indistinguishable from actual vintage mirror.

Vintage mirror tiles are another way to creating timeless charm or there is the alternative of an antiqued mirror wallpaper made by Cole & Son, called Albery.

Upcycling is another popular way of adding character to your home design by reusing an old picture frame, window, or door to create a mirror. Antiques By Design, well known for innovative reclaimed upcycling, have created mirrors from old tanks, tennis rackets, rustic balustrades, portholes, life rings, oil barrels, car grilles and more.

The link below to the Interiorish blog gives some great design tips on how to use mirrors in your home. They give ten ideas for decorating with mirrors. Pinterest has good inspirational design images too. Find our favourites on salvowebpins.

Mirrors can also be added as a feature in a garden. Avoid direct and reflected sunlight and consider children and wildlife before you pick your spot. A mirror will bring light to a dark shady area of your garden or a covered porch. Place near your outdoor dining area and candlelight will reflect beautifully in the mirror at night. An old metal window mirror can work well in a garden space and a good reuse tip from the Empress of Dirt blog is to use an old mirrored shower door. See the link below.

The images are a selection of the reclaimed, upcycled and antique mirrors currently for sale on SalvoWEB such as the upcylced sash window mirrors from Architectural Forum.


Antiques By Design Ltd

Interiorish: 10 Ways of Using Mirrors in Interior Design
Empress of Dirt: Using mirrors in the garden

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