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January 16, 2014, 11:19 AM

Memorial Barn wins the 'Reuse Bowl' for most worthy project 2013

By David Bennink

Memorial Barn, Stanwood, Washington [photo DB

Washington, USA - Re-Use Consulting strives to surpass its environmental mission by taking on a social mission as well. 2013 provided several opportunities for its work to benefit both the environment through landfill diversion and natural resource preservation, and benefitting individuals by creating jobs and helping lower-income homeowners.

Re-Use asked our Facebook followers to vote on our 2013 projects in order to select the best example of this dual mission. There were 12 worthy projects featured in the voting, but the final came down to projects located in Michigan and Washington State.

When voting closed, it was the Memorial Barn Project in Stanwood, WA that won Re-Use Consulting's project of the year. The prize money was doubled to honor the level of support that was shown for the worthy victor.

Dave Bennink, owner of Re-Use Consulting, said that he hoped 2014 would find them involved in many more projects that maximized the benefits that building material reuse and building deconstruction can bring.

RE-USE Consulting

Facebook: Re-Use Consulting: The Stanwood Memorial Barn wins the 'Reuse Bowl'

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