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June 06, 2017, 03:50 PM

Making oak beams and bronze bells the traditional way

By Thornton Kay

Crafting an oak beam [YouTube

Brabant Brussels, Belgium - The Grimbergen Museum Voor De Oudere Technieken (MOT) holds regular workshops on old building techniques including bell casting and turning roundwood into squared up beams. A video link shows the method for hacking a young oak, probably coppiced, into a beam, held on to a log base using iron dogs, setting out with a plumbob and trimming the beam down with three types of hand axe wielded by an expert showing a group of wannabe backwoodsmen how to do it.

On 17 June the MOT will hold a bell-casting day for young people which not only involves catsing some small bells but includes an afternoon musical interlude where the bells are played by the novice bellmakers.

Museum Voor De Oudere Technieken

YouTube: MOT Balkenhak-Doe

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