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September 15, 2016, 03:31 PM

Luxury joinery reclaimed from London buildings

By Sara Morel

Alfred Newall with his collection ęStyle Salvo

Alfred Newall collection LASSCO ęStyle Salvo

London West, UK - Alfred Newall used salvaged hardwoods sourced from London's lost buildings to create his addition to LASSCO's showcase. His capsule collection has reclaimed Burmese teak chairs after mid-century furniture designer Pierre Jeanneret, reclaimed oak library steps, and reclaimed maple lamp bases.

There is a lot of talk about luxury in the lead up to this year's London Design Festival with LuxuryMade, a new design show at Olympia making the latest addition to the decor shows. Luxury is difficult to define, it is subjective. What one person might throw into a skip, Alfred Newall might rescue. Alfred tells me he is endlessly pulling things out of skips, "I can't stand old joinery and material to be thrown away, there is often a way to bring new life to good quality material". Craftsmanship, exclusivity and sustainable eco-materials are arguably the core qualities of luxury interiors today; all of which Alfred offers with his sleek, yet characterful reclaimed hardwood furniture for LASSCO.

Both an ethical and a style choice, Alfred describes the unique quality and patina that attracts him to salvaged hardwoods.

"It is also material that isn't available from timber merchants any longer due to aggressive forestry in the past. It's great to put this wonderful material back into use so it can be appreciated and given a new lease of life".

There are machines in Alfred's workshop that cannot be used because the old material contains old fixings and metal pins, and "the material is also very varied so you have to be less accurate" he says, but the challenges enhance his design opportunity.

Timeless pieces like the library steps made from wood salvaged from St Olave's school could sit happily with traditional decor or be a first investment towards the trend for a tech-less room. Alfred describes his style as vernacular, "simple design that is well made and built to improve with age", but as we are limbering up for a luxurious London Design Festival, his style could also be described as luxury designed for living.

Sara Morel, Reclaimed Woman

The London Workshop

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Date Modified: September 20, 2016, 12:39 PM

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