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June 11, 2017, 10:35 PM

Lovers of aeroplane upcycling coming to Salvo Fair again

By Thornton Kay

Aeropod summerhouse [photo Dappr

Suffolk, UK - Of the 500 planes being dismantled this year, which by 2030 may be closer to 2,000 with an estimated 12,000 planes coming out of service in the next 25 years, hundreds are sent to landfill. There are several plane scrappers in the USA and one we know of in the UK, Dappr, who once again will be appearing at the Salvo Fair in two weeks.

Planes are not built of easily reclaimable parts, nor are they easy to recycle. Each plane is made of hundreds of thousands of pieces some of which are useful or valuable enough to be rescued leaving a metal hulk to be chopped up and recycled. Parts such as the engine, landing gear, and windshield, are reclaimed for reuse and the entire cockpit can be turned into a flight simulator to train pilots.

Dappr turns them into furniture, including bars recrafted from engine cowlings, tables, clocks, lighting, seating and even its innovative 'Aeropod' garden shed, summerhouse or home office.

DappR Aviation

Salvo Fair

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