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August 23, 2012, 08:46 AM

Lost, landfilled, destroyed, thrown away, wasted and tossed

By David Bennink

Washington, USA - A Great Loss: I know of a place where 1000 homes have recently been demolished/destroyed. A summary of our loss:
125,000,000 pounds of building materials are now in the landfill
$3,500,000 worth of reclaimed building materials destroyed
500,000+ bricks thrown away
240,000 2x4's buried in the landfill
95,000 sq ft of good wood flooring splintered and wasted
12,000 doors tossed.
1000 opportunities lost
100 workers remain unemployed
1 person that seems to have noticed ...

[from Dave's FaceBook page

Where is reclaimed flooring heading?

RE-USE Consulting

FB: Re-Use Consulting

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