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June 13, 2016, 09:29 PM

Largest collection of architectural artifacts from New York City

By Shirley Kay

Demolition Depot antiques and salvage [Photo Style Salvo

Demolition Depot antiques and salvage [Photo Style Salvo

New York, USA - Evan Blum, architectural salvage expert, and owner of Demolition Depot, New York has been a collector and dealer of architectural remnants for years. However, as The New York Times reports, Evan now finds he has accumulated the largest collection of salvage in the country and it continues to grow.

Housed in a former piano key factory in Connecticut, Irreplaceable Artifacts covers a vast area of over fifteen acres of indoor floor space. The salvage is mainly from New York City. This has been fuelled by the construction boom and Evan has saved items from doors, windows, toilets, tubs, fireplaces, bars and light fixtures to building facades. There are buildings being demolished all the time and more salvage than he alone can save. Evan realises too that although he cannot stop the demolitions he can help by both preserving and saving as much as possible from landfill.

The Demolition Depot showroom, in New York, is a four storey building filled to the brim with salvaged pieces all with their own past life story. It has been described as almost a museum and Evan admits he would ultimately like to build a museum for architectural art and preservation to include educational activities.

There are real gems in his collection which would make beautiful exhibition pieces but most are currently for sale. These include centuries old carved oak paneling from a room in Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney's mansion on Fifth Avenue, selling for $75,000 and seven phone booths from Manhattan's, Roseland Ballroom, priced at $15,000. Lady Gaga was the last performer before the ballroom closed in 2014. He also has marble fireplaces with a price range of $6,500 to $19,500, salvaged from the Plaza hotel when Donald J. Trump owned it in the 1980s. Details of which have been highlighted in gold paint to ex wife, Ivana's taste.

Though some of Evan's ever growing collection of salvaged pieces have already been set out like museum exhibits, such as a panelled room from the apartment of publisher Malcolm Forbes, well known for his extravagant lifestyle.

Either way it is New York's architectural history and culture that he is preserving for future generations. He is committed to doing twenty five churches this year and only wishes he could save more.

The images are from Style Salvo's recent visit to the Demolition Depot showroom. See the link below for the Salvo US directory of architectural salvage and antique showrooms and reclamation yards.

Irreplaceable Artifacts

Demolition Depot

New York Times: Haven for New York City Relics Saved From the Trash Heap. In Connecticut.
Salvo US architectural salvage directory

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