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October 10, 2017, 03:03 PM

Lady McAlpine will be organising a fair at Fawley in 2018

By Thornton Kay

Alfie at the fair field, Fawley Hill [photo Salvo

Oxfordshire, UK - STOP PRESS! Joint statement from Salvo and Sir William and Lady McAlpine
- - - - - -

In the absence of Salvo Fair 2018, Lady McAlpine plans to organise a fair at Fawley.

Salvo has decided to take a sabbatical from holding the Salvo Fair in 2018.

Instead, Sir William and Lady McAlpine, owners of Fawley Hill - where Salvo Fair has taken place for the past three years - have decided that they will run a fair at Fawley in 2018 from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd June.

Lady McAlpine, an experienced event organiser, has asked Gary Wallis and Alix Charpentier to help liaise with the trade.

Salvo will be happy to promote the Fawley fair on SalvoWEB and in SalvoNEWS.

Salvo wishes Fawley well with its fair. The McAlpines have been supportive of Salvo since the early 1990s and that relationship is planned to continue.

For further info please contact
events@fawleyhill dot com
or phone 01491 571373

- - - - - - -
More news will follow in due course

Fawley Hill Estate

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