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February 06, 2013, 02:34 PM

Kurt Geiger holds a secret garden party featuring a sundial

By Shirley Kay

Sundial [photo Barbara Israel Garden Ornament

Bleecker Street [photo Kurt Geiger

New York, USA - Kurt Geiger, the UK based shoe and accessory designer has now arrived 'from London with love' to New York City. The launch of its new Bleecker Street store in West Village will be celebrated by offering a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of New York fashion week. The shop itself feels like a sanctuary with vintage furniture hand picked by creative director, Rebecca Farrar-Hockley. Surprisingly, in such a central location, there is the hidden gem of a yard, which Kurt Geiger has used to create a secret garden for the event featuring a sundial from Barbara Israel Garden Ornament.

Barbara Israel is considered the foremost American expert in the field of garden ornament and displays an extensive collection in Katonah, NY which can be viewed by appointment. Barbara was inspired to pursue a career in garden ornament by the magnificent Blairsden estate in Peapack, NJ. Barbara even describes her own secret garden experience when as a child she furtively circumnavigated the locked entrance gates and scaled the cliff-like hills to peek at Blairsden's formal garden.

Since 1985 Barbara has specialised in the finest garden antiques and furniture from Europe and America and now also offers replicas of exceptional quality. The Walton sundial, on show in the Kurt Geiger garden, replicates a 1790 pedestal combined with a bronze dial plate cast from one in the 18th century style. The gnomon is whimsical and engraved upon it is an equally upbeat legend, 'I mark not the hours unless they be bright.'

An artistic impression of the sundial face also appears beneath an image of the Kurt Geiger shoe chandelier on the invitations sent to fashion industry guests and celebrities. As Kurt Geiger promises it will be 'everything but the dress'.

Kurt Geiger: Everything but the dress
Barbara Israel Garden Ornament

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