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February 05, 2015, 06:02 PM

Industrial chic weddings are a hot trend

By Shirley Kay

Salvage One wedding venue Salvage One

Industrial lights Architrctural Forum
Metal antique jail cell door Historical Selections
Industrial cart Courtyard at Debden Barns

Illinois, USA - Industrial chic has been a key trend for home interiors but now it is a hot trend for weddings. It offers a slightly different take on the popular salvage and vintage themes. The main features of the industrial chic look are brick walls, exposed lighting and reclaimed wood and metallics.

To recreate this look the first thing to consider is the venue. It suits warehouses, lofts and factories. An architectural salvage yard would make a great location here. Salvage One, based in Chicago is one salvage yard that has been available as a wedding venue for a long time. However with increased demand many other yards now offer an event service. If you don't have an industrial setting then the look can be recreated in a barn or marquee with some clever design ideas. It can even be recreated outdoors using the backdrop of a brick wall or reclaimed shed for a summer wedding.

Design your venue with props mixing old, reclaimed, vintage, antique and upcycled repurposed items. If you have not got a brick or reclaimed wood wall in your venue design a backdrop with reclaimed items such as old metal or wooden doors. Combine reclaimed wood tables and mismatched wooden or metal chairs. The industrial chic metal theme can be styled with reclaimed metal letters or numbers for the tables or used for general wall decor. Lighting can be provided with vintage theatre, metal table lamps or modern brightly lit retro style bulbs. A feminine touch can be added with fairy lights or flowers and candles put in old mason jars or secondhand metal candlestick holders. Neon lettering can make a great statement feature. Other props can be added around the room using old metal drawer units, industrial carts or old wooden cupboards as display areas. Basic industrial items can become amazing centrepieces. How about an old jail door, like the one from Historical Selections, strewn with fairy lights?

The industrial chic style has been copied by many manufacturers but it is best to stick to old pieces as new ones cannot achieve that authentic look. Many old or repurposed old items can still be sourced at reasonable prices and will often retain their value. So they can be sold afterwards or reused in the home. Alternatively some architectural salvage yards will hire reclaimed items for your event. For example, Old Wood Soul based in Denver rent reclaimed wood tables for weddings and other events. Industrial items can also be found in antique or charity shops or even a car boot sale.

Industrial items can be sourced online at SalvoWEB or find local architectural salvage yards, or antique shops worldwide in the SalvoWEB directory.

Further design ideas can be seen on the link below from Kiss The Bride magazine and a Salvage One wedding. Also see SalvoWEB instagram or Pinterest, salvowebpins for more industrial chic wedding design inspiration.

Old Wood Soul

Salvage One

Courtyard at Debden Barns

Architectural Forum

Kiss The Bride: Hot Trend for 2015: Industrial Chic
Salvage One Wedding

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