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June 18, 2014, 12:40 PM

Industrial chic on SalvoWEB

By Shirley Kay

Vintage industrial green enamel factory lights V&V Reclamation

Chemists counter 19th century MASCo Architectural Salvage
Antique cast iron window mirror Architectural Forum
Reclaimed oak industrial table V&V Reclamation

Somerset, UK - Industrial design has recently increased in popularity and can now often be found in your local restaurant or pub. It is a design style that predominantly uses reclaimed wood and exposed brick combined with metal. It creates a more utilitarian and masculine look than other design styles. So design blogger, Kim poses the interesting question is it right for your own home.

Industrial items have always had a place in the home of the Tidbits and Twine blogger because it is her husband's favourite style. They added industrial elements in their home even before industrial chic was on trend. They already had items like a beautiful iron and wood industrial drafting table, a wood and steel stool and a weathered metal mirror. Kim describes industrial chic as timeless, neutral and natural so it can easily fit it in with other design styles. Simply add in just a few small item or go for the complete look.

If the complete look is for you choose a neutral colour but add warmth with the patina of reclaimed wood, worn leather and used metal. Homes with the architectural space to show exposed brick walls, pipes or beams suit industrial chic. The perfect example of a home that suits industrial chic well was featured in a recent SalvoNEWS item; Inspired Homes of Creatives. The home of Aldo creative, Douglas Bensadoun, based in an old shoe factory shows industrial chic at its best used with the addition of bright colours, which adds a contemporary touch.

For those who love the look but just want to add small elements it is a good idea to reuse industrial items as furniture or as decoration. The soft texture of plants can be combined with an old worn even rusty metal bucket or machinery gears can be used as a sculptural display. The texture of old metal or wooden windows and doors reused as mirrors also works well. Another lovely idea is to add a few reclaimed vintage industrial lights to a wall or overhead.

It is good to celebrate the strong link the style has to our industrial past but as Kim states 'As a style, industrial chic has a more modern feel. As an element, it adds a bit of unexpected vintage flair.'

Inspired to create the genuine industrial look? Don't fake it, instead explore SalvoWEB for some real old industrial elements to reuse in exciting ways or find items already upcycled by professional dealers. The SalvoWEB directory is also a good source of local architectural salvage yards to find many industrial items. It's all up to your own creativity and design style. Inspiring industrial chic design can also be found on our salvowebpins Pinterest board.

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Tidbits and twine blog: Industrial chic- Is it for you?
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