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October 28, 2013, 10:21 AM

Industrial chic interior design tips

By Shirley Kay

Industrial pendant light [ photo Architectural Forum

Industrial Metalwork Table [photo MASCo Architectural Salvage
Vintage industrial storage unit [photo V and V Reclamation
Reclaimed bricks [photo Experienced bricks

Nebraska, USA - Architect Dave Erickson laughed when Kathryn Cates Moore, Lincoln Journal Star, asked him about the new industrial chic design trend. He then reached for a a book published in 1978, High Tech: The Industrial Style and Source Book. So industrial chic is not a new interior design idea it has become fashionable again. Industrial style or steampunk, as it is sometimes called, gained inspiration from factories and other commercial spaces. The look of high ceilings combined with exposed brickwork and well worn wood creates a raw yet tactile feel.

Retail stores and restaurants have continued to provide inspiration for industrial design in the home. Erickson himself has used industrial chic in designing the new Railyard restaurant, Gate 25. This included exposed steel joists and ductwork with hanging light fixtures. But Gill Peace, of Peace Studio Architects states it's important to be authentic. Cool trends are often copied by manufacturers and there are now many new items that give that used look of old repurposed items. However authentic gives the real industrial chic look. Although a touch of modern elegance can also work well mixed in with industrial and repurposed items. For example rugs work well on a polished concrete floor. They can also help to define the use of areas in a large space. Modern stainless steel appliances can work well with the industrial look in the kitchen too. Soft upholstered armchairs can also add glamour. Further interest can be added with antique or vintage furniture and reclaimed accessories. It can also be fun to create your own repurposed items.

Kathryn goes on to summarise the key elements of industrial design in interiors:

1. Reusing materials in unexpected ways such as reclaimed wood made into furniture.
2. Exposed brick walls for texture
3. Metal which can be galvanised, rusted or polished and used for light fixtures, seats, cupboard hardware and more.
4. Lighting with cages or metal hoods. Genuine vintage lighting will create the industrial feel effortlessly. Lights hanging low over the table are a common theme.
5. Exposed ductwork, open ceilings and pipes.
6. Concrete for a polished floor or if you prefer you can opt for the warmer feel of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood can also be used on walls.

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Lincoln Journal Star: Industrial designs are practical and repurposed
Good Reads: High Tech: The Industrial Style and Source Book

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